Send outbound sales email sequences connected to Salesforce

Automate outbound sales email sequences with Datananas to activate your Salesforce's leads and contacts lists.

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Sales automation ideas to integrate Salesforce and Datananas in your lead generation flows

Here are just few samples of Salesforce and Datananas integration use cases, simply create your account to build your own!

what is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the N°1 integrated CRM improving your marketing, sales, service, IT, and more

By using Salesforce CRM with Datananas, Zapier will allow you to be able to choose triggers and actions to start sales sequences and sync dynamically your contacts between both platforms

what is Datananas?

Datananas reduce time to execute outbound sales process with sales engagement features

What if you could run prospecting activities in one-place?
Now you can find new leads with key infos, schedule sales email sequences and synchronize qualified leads with your favorite tools.

Salesforce integration in short video

How to use Salesforce with Datananas ?

about Salesforce x Datananas integration

Boost Salesforce CRM with qualified leads

  • Connect Datananas to Salesforce and sync every interested contact to Salesforce.
  • Keep your data up to date and avoid polluting Salesforce with unqualified leads.
  • The built-in AI of Datananas classifies every email you receive based on its author's intention.

Automate Salesforce outbound tasks

Are you a Salesforce user and want to increase the automation of your outbound sales email sequences?
Discover here interesting ways to connect Salesforce and Datananas using Zapier.

Add new prospects to Salesforce

Are you using Datananas Connect to fuel your prospecting funnel with new contacts?
Zapier will allow you to automate the creation of these contacts in your CRM when they are added to Datananas.

Get appointments with your Salesforce contacts or leads

Datananas makes it easy to qualify cold prospect lists by using an appointment proposal as a call to action, you can pick up interviews without picking up your phone. The AI embedded in Datananas studies the content of each response received to define its nature. It is possible to use this response status (positive, negative...) as a trigger, for example, to create a new lead in Salesforce for each positive response received.

Detect opportunities with your cold prospects

Many prospects, often from inbound, arrive in your CRM without being sufficiently qualified to justify the call of a sales representative.
What then to do with these prospects? A good practice is to design sales email sequences to collect key information that will allow you to qualify, or not, your prospects using business signals such as, for example, their level of equipment or the duration of their engagement with a potential competitor.

When an opportunity is detected, you can qualify your prospect in Datananas and a simple zap will allow you to automate contact creation in Salesforce.

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