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Simply automate file cleaning

Transforming raw databases into ready-to-use and highly personalized variables has never been so easy!
We help you and your sales reps focus on engaging prospects in tailored sequences without all the data tasks struggle.

Be more natural & spontaneous

Magic Variables are created from your data input (contact_first_name, company_size,...) that is reformated into ready-to-use variables in your sequences.
For instance, when you have a contact's first name, the dedicated magic civility field is created according to his/her gender: Mrs for a contact whose first name is Jessica e.g.

Clean large lists with bulk action

Massively update (cleaning, enrichment, email addresses verification,..) your contacts owing to filters and preselected values, with a single click.

Update contacts from your inbox

Our smart actions will help you to improve database health, find replacement contacts when people change jobs and mine email signatures for new related contact updates.

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