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Identify key prospects and find email addresses in a one-shot while browsing social networks

Our email finder features included in Datananas connect allow you to create contacts including professional email address owing to professional social networks and web browsing. You can update the contact's custom fields from the plugin, to engage them in highly personalized sales sequences, with a single click too.

Verify email addresses

Datananas Connect find emails addresses through machine learning, professional emails come with a trust grade reflecting their accuracy.

You can also choose to verify email addresses owing to our BriteVerify integration.

Once activated it will apply to any contact you create, or to a selection of existing contacts.

Find emails with API

The email finder feature relies on this API call, it can be used to find the email address of a large contact list. Open guess email API

Example: Romain + Simon + will return

Build domains lists

Find company domain with a simple API call to turn your company into website lists. Open company to domain API

Example: Datananas will return

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