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Personalize and automate your sales emails

Sales sequences will enable you to personalize your emails and schedule follow-ups at scale.

Each of your prospect will receive emails with automated follow-ups that are personalized for each contact using variables.

You can choose to automatically follow-up only with prospects who did not reply or stop sales sequence from many other ways.
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Get replies to your sales emails. Don't get ignored anymore

Our AI assistant will give you copy-writing advice to help you write killer cold emails, based on sales emails that get the highest reply rate.
You and your team will learn to write the best sales emails possible. But you can also start from our sales email sequences templates library we wrote specifically for you!

Personalization is key to get a high reply rate, and Datananas will allow you to send sales emails in bulk keeping your personalization efforts empowered at-scale.
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Automatically detect and classify answers

Using our world-class reply detection algorithm (99.98% detection rate), we will detect all replies, even if the emails have been forwarded and replied by a colleague or from another email.

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Build a predictable outbound sales funnel

By scheduling your sales email sequences to engage new contacts every day and spread touches over time, you will be able to get a predictable and regular funnel of new leads.

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Stay connected with your tools

Use our partners to empower your sales funnel

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14 days free trial • Easy setup • No credit card required

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