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Analyze each sequence

Monitor sequences steps effectiveness owing to detailed statistics (opening rate, clicks, reply rate,...) and anticipate your pipeline owing to scheduled engagements at each step.

Generate reply-based report

Rely on our automated classification (proudly) powered by AI, built to let you know what is the intent of your prospect when replying to your sales sequence email.

Datananas AI analyzes and classifies each response you receive through sequences using tags: 'positive', 'negative', 'bounce', 'out-of-office' and 'wrong contact' tags allow you to organize your shared inbox in a smarter way to fully exploit any response you got.

It's automated and instantly, simply combine last email category in your integrated flows

Report on team efficiency

Iterate and A/B test your messages through your sequences. Monitor sequences efficiency through automated creation of opportunities in your CRM from Datananas.

Focus on a period of your choice and know precisely :
- the number of contacts engaged by each user
- the number of prospects your users qualified to your CRM
- reply rate by type for each user
... among many other statistics so your team can improve prospection efficiency

Follow your pipeline through your prospect's engagement in sequences and their status updates.
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