Sewan is a service operator that offers communication tools for companies. Sewan was founded 10 years ago and now has over 300 employees. Their direct sales unit targets medium-sized companies, with key contacts such as technical directors and IT managers.

My job is to provide leads to the ten members of our business unit. These leads and opportunities must be qualified and linked to our core business and the core products we sell.

We used to do a lot of cold calling to generate new business.

About one and a half days of phoning per month per team member was required. 

That’s why we decided to use software and Datananas now allows us to solicit targeted prospects with personalised messages on a large scale. We spend less time trying to contact prospects and more time talking to qualified prospects.

Our sales team has saved a lot of time

This time is now used for other important tasks closer to selling and following up opportunities.

The solution helped us to identify the right key decision makers in each company.

To sum up, out of a thousand companies, we have +6% of qualified interactions.

We can automate dunning at scale

After more than 10 months of using Datananas, we have loved the time sequence feature which allows different sales people to be involved in a sequence and to distribute the mailings from their respective emails.

Datananas provided excellent advice to our teams and taught us new methods of online selling and email writing. We learned how to write sequences and they helped us clean up our contact databases.