Reed Midem is an international trade show organiser. The company brings together for a few days the main players of a given industry in one place, working mainly with the music industry, television, real estate agents, and more recently with e-sports players.

We use different types of content to generate inbound leads, such as our newsletter, white papers or webinars. For our outbound strategy, marketing identifies prospects and qualifies them. Then they build personalised sales sequences and engage the prospects on behalf of the sales team.

We now have ‘hot’ qualified leads in Salesforce

Datananas allows us to generate qualified leads directly in our CRM. Leads that can be described as “hot”. We are able to synchronise in Salesforce all the leads that respond with positive intent, thanks to the artificial intelligence that ranks the responses.

Our sales teams can now focus solely on interested prospects and this is a real time saver. In addition, it creates great synergy between the marketing and sales teams. Both teams now work together to create better sales sequences.

The increase in turnover covers 3 times the investment in just 3 months.

The return on investment is enormous: more than 3X. This means that in less than 3 months of using Datananas to promote a single exhibition, we generated 3 times more revenue than we spent!

The software is easy to use and easy to understand. Our sales people quickly understood the value proposition of the software and adopted it as soon as they realised how much time they had saved.

The Datananas customer service team is very responsive. They know what they’re doing and are very knowledgeable and that’s comforting when building your first emails as you know you’ll improve over time and increase your response rate.