ExSelligence is a digital agency specialized in outsourced prospecting. It assists its clients in the digital transformation of their sales and marketing functions. More specifically, the company helps its partners to become more efficient, especially in terms of customer acquisition processes and tools.

To promote its offers and services, it was important for ExSelligence to implement a prospecting strategy. But many sales teams tended to abandon their prospects after sending only one email, which was insufficient to generate new sales appointments. In order to optimize its return rate and regain flexibility in the management of its marketing campaigns, ExSelligence called on Datananas.

With Datananas, the agency’s sales teams send between 30 and 60 emails per day. These contact points are automatically resent 3 to 5 times. The return rate has risen to 14%. And of these follow-ups, 4.5 to 7% are the result of automation with Datananas. And on the contact search part, Datananas Connect has an excellent qualification rate.

The rate of correctly found emails is about 75%. This allows sales teams to focus on the essentials and to get in touch with existing people, with the aim of generating new sales appointments and increasing turnover.