Castalie was founded in 2012 and offers sustainable alternatives to bottled water and mineral water. The company develops a tap water microfiltration device for cold, hot or tempered, still or sparkling water. Castalie works with various companies, start-ups or businesses, but also with hotels and restaurants.

I work closely with the sales manager to generate qualified leads for the sales team. My role is to collect and cleanse our lead data, segment the database and create sales sequences. Sales are only made to leads that are already qualified. This way they can focus on their main job and what they do best: advising and selling.

Previously, we used “old school” sales methods to generate and engage leads.

We now generate more leads while reducing acquisition costs

We realised that it was time consuming, expensive and painful for sales. The main objective was to automate our lead generation. That’s why we chose Datananas. It allows us to simplify our process.

We can synchronise our generated leads with our CRM: Salesforce.

81 new tracks and 10 more nominations in 4 months

We have been using Datananas for four months and have had excellent results. We already have 81 new leads. These include positive responses from prospects as well as referrals from one contact to another.

We already had 10 appointments with highly qualified prospects that we might not have been able to reach otherwise.

Apart from generating leaders, Datananas has helped us to seize opportunities that we had overlooked or were too slow to seize.

We were very well looked after by the team in setting up the software and synchronising it with Salesforce. We have received regular advice from our Customer Success Manager at Datananas who helps us create better sales sequences and leverage our prospect data. The Customer Success Team is really helpful and available when we need them.