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Yearly Monthly

60Tax free/Monthly

or 720€/ year

48Tax free/Monthly

or 576€/ year

  • Unlimited creation of prospecting sequences
  • Automatic classification of your prospects' feedback via Datananas AI
  • Building contact databases from LinkedIn in 1 to 1
  • Onboarding and support three-monthly with a dedicated expert
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Datananas summer deal logo
Yearly Monthly

100Tax free/Monthly

or 1200€/ year

80Tax free/Monthly

or 960€/ year

  • All the features of the Pro plan
  • Onboarding and support mensuel with a dedicated expert
  • Access to the API
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Datananas summer deal logo
Yearly Monthly

120Tax free/Monthly

or 1440€/ year

96Tax free/Monthly

or 1152€/ year

  • All the features of the Pro plan
  • Import all contacts from a Sales Navigator search in 3 clicks and retrieve their email addresses using Datananas' exclusive address reconstructor
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With LinkedIn connector



Get help quickly if you have a problem
Email / chat Phone Phone


Several hours of online training to improve your skills

Onboarding and training

Training of your teams by a Datananas expert

Technical configuration

We help you with the technical implementation of your tools with Datananas

Sequence reviews

Follow-up meetings with a dedicated expert
Three-monthly Monthly Monthly



Number of contacts per account
10 000 50 000 50 000

LinkedIn Contacts

Generate professional emails from LinkedIn
Unlimited - 1 to 1 method Unlimited - 1 to 1 method Unlimited - Bulk export

Import and export files

Import and export your data with csv files


Add custom fields that you can use in your emails

Data Desk - Cleaning

Data cleansing (e.g. jp morgan becomes JPMorgan)

Data Desk - Magic variables

Added magic variables (e.g. Mr/Mrs)

Data Desk - Enrichment

Clearbit enrichment (e.g. number of employees, technologies...)

Data Desk - Verification

Briteverify email validation process

Main features

Prospecting sequences

Send a sequence of emails from your email box

Response detection

People who have responded will not receive a reminder

Tracking clicks and opens

Be informed when a contact opens an email or clicks on a link


Blacklist of emails or domain names

Prospecting email templates

Define templates that your team can use to save time

Distribution of sends

Automatically engage new contacts every day

Distribution of sends

Distribute contacts within your team and schedule sequences based on their email addresses

BCC email

Adding bcc emails to all sent messages to synchronise them with your CRM


Gsuite / Gmail

Sync Gsuite / Gmail accounts to send footage

Exchange / Office 365

Synchronise Exchange accounts to send sequences


Synchronise any mailbox via IMAP/SMTP

Shared inbox

View all your team's messages in a single, shared inbox



Number of users per account
1-20 5+ 5+

Roles and rights

Assigning roles to users and managers

Customised roles

Define precise rights for each user



Connect all your tools with Datananas using Zapier


Two-way synchronization of your contacts


Enrich your contacts to better personalise your messages with Clearbit


Test the validity of your contacts' emails with Briteverify


Find new prospects with Corporama

Doc Marketing

Find new prospects with Doc Marketing


Find new prospects with Mixdata


Create your own integration with our API

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