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Automate your email prospecting

Datananas, the email solution that structures and automates your B2B commercial prospecting.

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    Create your own scenarios, sent from your e-mail box

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    Access thousands of contacts in 1 click

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    Take advantage of the support of our experts for the creation and writing of your sequences

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Get more results from your prospecting


Save time, win customers

With Datananas you can reduce the time spent on prospecting by a factor of 8.

Thanks to automated email and follow-up scenarios, generate a recurrent flow of new commercial opportunities. No more repetitive and time-consuming daily tasks, with Datananas you can concentrate on the essential: selling.

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    Anne-Laure Versaevel

    Marketing Manager
    chez Castalie

    Our 5 sales people save 3 hours per week on prospecting tasks. The number of appointments has increased significantly from 5 to 9 per months.

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    Matthieu Gibert

    Marketing director
    chez Reed Midem

     Each of our 4 sales representatives receives between 2 and 3 new requests for qualified appointments per day.

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    Marc Richard

    Sales director

    My prospects are automatically contacted while I am in an appointment.

Datananas features

Multichannel scenario email, linkedIn, tel... Task management Collaborative management with dispatch distribution Scheduling of sends Customisation variables CRM synchronization Zapier integration LinkedIn Connector

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