Datananas sales platform helps you targeting your strategic key accounts, consolidating your B2B sales data and facilitates sales engagement through smart one-to-one email communications.

360° B2B Sales Engagement Platform

Email inbox direct synchronization

Send your automated sales campaigns from right inside your Gmail, Outlook or Microsoft Exchange application

Smart sales campaigns

Build email sequences, engage your prospects and cadence your emails over time

Smart response triage

Our AI sort responses automatically by category (positive, negative, wrong contact etc.)

Smart contacts lists & view

Build you lists of contacts ready to be engaged in automated sales campaigns

Campaigns calendar

With one click, keep an eye on your ongoing and upcoming sales campaigns dashboard

Out-Of-Office message management

Your prospects are currently out of the office? Our AI alerts you as soon as they are back !

Smart Actions

[BETA] Our virtual assistance module guides you and suggest automated actions (contact creation/update, contact referrals etc.)

Document Tracking

Share targeted collaterals with your prospects with a smart link. Take actionable insights and prioritize your calls on prospects who have visited your collaterals.

CRM Synchronisation

Our smart inbox synchronizes email responses to push information and triggers automated actions in your CRM application such as deals, tasks etc.


Learn about Lead Relationship Management

Lead Relationship Management represents the set of Outbound sales actions taken to reach your targeted buyer personas with customer-centric and personalized communications.

Digitize your B2B sales actions !

Sales engagement platform

Build your customer acquisition process and start impactful sales campaigns in a GDPR compliant IT ecosystem.

Training and support

Datananas experts team work with your sales and marketing staff to ensure your sales campaigns generate significant results.


Datananas e-learning platform is a strong tool which guides your teams step by step so they quickly become self-sustainable in their sales enablement activities.


Free access to our resources to be introduced with the Lead Relationship Management method.
Discover our GDPR compliant data collection and enrichment solutions


A specific requirement ? Our experts teams help you find the right solutions that fit the most with your ecosystem.



Datananas is connected with your entire IT ecosystem

Our smart integrations are built to help information navigate seamlessly between your sales and marketing tools.



Datananas Academy

An online platform dedicated to B2B sales enablement techniques

Our e-learning platform helps and coordinates your sales and marketing teams to enhance their skills.