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We generated 52 qualified appointments in 18 working days.

Mohamed Taya

New Business Manager


Telecommunication Services



Sewan is a managed services operator selling communication tools for companies. Sewan was founded 10 years ago and now has more than 300 employees. Their direct sales business unit reach out to mid-tier companies, with key interlocutors such as CTOs and IT Managers.

My mission is to provide the ten members of this business unit with leads. Those leads and opportunities must be qualified and linked with our core business.

We used to make a lot of cold calls to generate new business

It required about 1.5 day of work per month and per team member. The whole team was involved in generated new leads and it was of course, not so pleasant for them and took a lot of time and effort to get a single qualified lead. And most of all, the results were not as good as expected.

That is why we decided to switch to a sales engagement software and Datananas now allows us to reach out to targeted prospects with custom messages on a large scale. We spend less time trying to connect with prospects and more time talking with qualified leads.

Our sales team saved a lot of time

This time is now used for other important tasks such as follow-ups, closings and up-selling. Datananas helped us with our brand reputation and we can easily send thousands of customized and personalized cold emails.

The solution helped us to identify the right key decision makers in each company. This was not an easy task before because our prospects' team can count many members.

To put it in a nutshell, out of a thousand companies, we got 6% of qualified interactions.

We can automate follow-ups at scale

After more than 10 months using Datananas, we loved the drip sequences feature and especially the ability to spread sequences touchpoints over time and involve different sales representative in an sequence.

Datananas provided great counselling for our teams, taught us the new methods for online and email selling. We learned how to write great cold emails and they helped us organize and clean our contact databases.

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