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Use Mixdata to get ultra targeted B2B company database with key decision makers details.

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Sales automation ideas to integrate Mixdata and Datananas in your lead generation flows

Here are just a few samples of Mixdata and Datananas integration use cases, simply create your account to build your own!

what is Mixdata?

Mixdata sifts through the internet, identifies companies that may need your products and offers.

Connecting Mixdata will allow you to find new prospects with advanced search criterions to engage them in Datananas sales sequences.

what is Datananas?

Datananas reduce time to execute outbound sales process with sales engagement features

What if you could run prospecting activities in one place?
Now you can find new leads with key infos, schedule sales email sequences and synchronize qualified leads with your favorite tools.

Mixdata integration in short video

How to use Mixdata with Datananas ?

  1. Create your Datananas account
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Mixdata page
  3. Send activation request to your Mixdata account manager

about Mixdata x Datananas integration

Mixdata B2B prospecting database statistics

  • 9,700,000 french companies in the repository
  • 1,000,000 websites related to french registered companies
  • 3,000,000 websites related to european registered companies
  • 200,000 e-commerce websites in Europe
  • 600 detected technologies

Mixdata provides ultra targeted and continuously updated B2B database

Semantic Targeting: the exact description of the company's business (when the Naf code is unclear), standards, presence at trade shows and events, export markets, etc.

Over 900 detected technologies (web, advertising, marketing, e-commerce, etc.), presence on the various Market Places,

Complete enrichment from a simple email or website, detection of current position from a first name and company name, etc.

E-commerce actors (Fevad criteria), mobile apps (Apple or Android), language versions of sites, number of estimated visitors, number of followers on social networks, technologies, shipping and payment partners, etc.

Identification of similar websites, clone prospects through the approximation of 13 different similarity criteria.

Why detecting B2B strategic accounts with Mixdata?

Time saving: quickly identify the right decision makers and businesses to contact first.
Increased conversion rates: prospecting and marketing initiatives are highly targeted without loss.
Getting multichannel relationships with company decision makers: contact information, phone number, email, social networks.

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