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Datananas x Zapier

Connect Zapier to synchronize your CRM and apply state of the art sales automation workflows including +1400 apps !

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About Zapier x Datananas integration

Zapier is the number one tool to connect all your SaaS softwares.

Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and many more have great synergies when connected to Datananas.

The Datananas x Zapier integration lets you sync Datananas and your favorite Saas software. Zapier makes wonders with +2000 tools : so does Datananas !

Automate the more complex workflows!

Set triggers based on reply categories and trigger follow-up actions every time you receive an email from your prospects. Add interested contacts to your CRM instantly and keep all your data updated at anytime.

What is Datananas ?

Sales Engagement Platform

Find new leads

Research and filters from the most accurate sources and generate lists including professional email addresses and key business informations.

Design sequences

Combine different steps for each prospect : emails, tasks and call. Follow-up emails will be sent automatically if prospects don't reply!

Synchronize mailbox

We send emails straights from your professional mailbox to make sure emails look like they were sent manually and optimize deliverability.

Automated reply detection

Artificial Intelligence automatically classifies the message. Automated actions are triggered and virtual assistant suggests you some manual one.

Trusted by powerful sales and marketing teams

+1400 other sales tools available thanks to our Zapier integration ...

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