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Accelerate your BtoB prospecting today for 5€/month!

Okay, email prospecting is effective, but :

I spend my days copying and pasting...


Creation of automated email sequences

I never find the contacts of people I am interested in


Reconstruct the address of thousands of contacts on linkedIn

I don't know what to write in my messages to get answers


Take advantage of AI that helps you write your messages in real time

I am lost in my dunning schedules


Automatic distribution of mailings from your email box

Thanks to Datananas, you can reduce your prospecting time and concentrate on the most important thing: selling!

I would like to take out a higher subscription,

All Datananas Discovery features for 5€/month!


  • Gmail / Exchange / Office 365 / IMAP/SMTP

    Synchronise your accounts to send footage from your mailbox

Main features

  • Prospecting sequences

    Send a sequence of emails from your email box (10 emails per day)

  • Tracking clicks and opens

    Be informed when a contact opens an email or clicks on a link

  • Blacklist

    Blacklist of emails or domain names

  • Prospecting email templates

    Take advantage of the templates written by our experts to save time

  • Distribution of sends

    Automatically engage new contacts every day

Help for use

  • Support

    Get help by email (response within 72 hours)

  • Academy

    Several hours of online training to improve your skills


  • Quota

    100 contacts stored per account

  • LinkedIn Contacts

    Generate professional emails from LinkedIn: 3 per day

  • Import and export of files

    Import and export your data with csv files

  • Variables

    Add custom fields that you can use in your emails

I would like to take out a higher subscription,

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