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Each prospect automatically receives a sequence of personalized emails based on several criteria. Responses are automatically ranked so that our sales representatives can focus on the best opportunities. Each sales representative receives between 2 and 3 new appointment requests per day.

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We have added more than 1200 qualified prospects in 5 days. The connection with LinkedIn is very easy to use. We just look at a decision-maker's profile to add all the key information to our lead database. Then we integrate it into our prospecting actions.


Every day, 240 personalized emails are automatically sent to our prospects. These emails are sent directly from the email box of each sales representative for a more qualitative approach and a more efficient follow-up. Our sales representatives are very satisfied, we generated 152 qualified appointments in 18 days!


Datananas allows to adopt efficient and homogeneous prospecting methods by supervising all the activities of our sales teams located in Italy, Spain and France. With Datananas I make our sales team more efficient. All emails sent are automatically forwarded to our Salesforce CRM and each contact is also created in Salesforce based on their level of interest.


Datananas' interface is very intuitive, we have mastered the software with a lot of ease. We were able to send our first sequences of personalized emails in less than an hour. The solution allows us to double the number of appointments we have each month with HR managers.


The software is very easy to use, in a few minutes I started my first sales sequences. The team was there to advise me on the best usage of new features, including using their API. In addition to saving 30 minutes a day, I got 3 new strategic appointments in the 2nd month.


Datananas has allowed me to centralize, enrich and animate all my prospect databases. On average, I send 300 new emails to my lead database every week, plus automatic reminders. After 8 months of use, I also decided to equip my sales force in England.

Experience Hotel

In the past I used to take almost a week per month to contact and follow-up with 200 prospects to get 7 appointments. With Datananas I can contact more than 500 prospects per month who turn into 30 appointments. In addition to the results, what I like most is that my prospects are automatically processed while I am in an appointment with other prospects.
Average increase in appointments reported
% of answers received after the fourth follow-up
Productivity gains on prospecting tasks for each sales rep every day
- Based on +250 managers ROI analysis FEEDBACK from 2018's Study -

Manage all your prospecting activities

We build features to enable better sales & marketing workflows.
Datananas connects the tools you already use and upgrades them with super-powers!

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Our pricing starts at $25 per user on annual plans. We also provide monthly plans to fit start-ups buying habits, making growth easier and smoother


per user/month
All features to build advanced prospecting workflows


A sales engagement solution fitted for large teams


per user/month
All features to build advanced prospecting workflows


A sales engagement solution fitted for large teams
  • Pro plan
    Including features in pro plan
  • Send emails with Gmail / Gsuite

  • Unlimited sequences

  • Automated follow-ups

  • AI Classification of answers

  • Zapier Integration

  • Academy Access

  • Office 365, Exchange, IMAP/SMTP

  • Unlimited contacts generation

  • Team Drip

  • Shared Inbox

  • Pipedrive Integration

  • Contact Enrichment

  • Emails Verification

  • Entreprise plan
    Pro plan features included +
  • Contact databases

  • Custom roles management

  • Setup & Training

  • Priority support

  • API access

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