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We were able to send our first sales sequence in less than an hour.

Charlelie Vallet

CEO - Co-founder


Yuco is a B2B company specialized in Human Ressources. They let companies improve the well-being and efficiency of employees, making available a catalogue of more than 120 sports activities, well-being and personal development to promote their development and federate teams around well-being.

The solution allows us to double the number of appointments we have each month with HR managers.

Datananas' interface is very intuitive. We have taken it on with a lot of ease. We were able to send our first sequences of personalized emails in less than an hour.

Datananas teams are always available to answer our questions.
Thousands of Sales and Marketing Teams are using Datananas to reach many leads every day.
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Average increase in appointments reported
More converted leads with automated sales sequences
Productivity gains for teams with more than 3 users
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