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The synchronisation with our Salesforce CRM is very efficient

Alice Baleton

Chief Marketing Officer


Staffing & Recruiting



CleverConnect was born from the merger of Meteojob and Visiotalent, 2 fast-growing HR Tech startups. CleverConnect's mission is to help companies find the best talents by offering an exceptional recruitment experience, both for candidates and recruiters. CleverConnect helps companies on their sourcing, employer branding, video interviewing and CV matching.

Datananas has allowed us to adopt efficient and homogeneous prospecting methods

We supervise all the activities of our sales teams located in Italy, Spain and France. All emails sent are automatically forwarded to our Salesforce CRM and each contact is also created in Salesforce based on their level of interest.

With Datananas I make our sales team more efficient.

Each contact is also created in Salesforce based on their level of interest.

More than 450 companies use Datananas to grow their revenue
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Average increase in appointments reported
% of answers received after the fourth follow-up
Productivity gains on prospecting tasks for each sales rep every day
- Based on +250 managers ROI analysis FEEDBACK from 2018's Study -
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