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Combine smart filters

On one hand, reps team routines include specific needs that call for smarter filters for their prospects lists.
On the other hand, managers need a clear and intuitive overview of prospection to manage reps activities

Contact Status → Indicates the step where your contact is located at in your engagement flow
Email Category → Classify contacts in pre-build categories according to their last reply

Operate bulk actions

Create segments to operate bulk actions, all with a single click. Make a bulk selection of contacts and enrich their information before engaging them in drip sequences.

Start sequence, move them from one list to another, change ownership, unsubscribe them from running sequences.

Customize your in-app inbox

Each discussion started through a sales sequence could be found in your in-app inbox.

Define your personal settings owing to native filters (user, sequence, reply type...) to focus on the most valuable discussions.

Use pre-built answers templates to save time and rely on smart actions to operate field edition.

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