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Connect your favorite apps

We select recognized companies to bring you meaningful integrations fitting with your process.

From leads databases providers to productivity-improving softwares, our Customer Success team helps you to quickly interconnect your tools to reach greater results.
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Drive accuracy with native integrations

We mostly build complex integrations including 2 ways synchronization with customized fields.

Select the fields you want to match with each other in Datananas and your other tools, and set them up with specific rules.

Users and owners also match with each other so Datananas is perfectly integrated in your specific sales process.
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Rely on powerful Zapier integrations

Connect your business tools with each other to build and interconnected pipeline with information fluid flows. Our Zapier integration allows you to connect more than 1400 apps with Datananas, owing to its exclusive triggers.

For instance, when a reply is detected and classified, you can  specify which label(s) (positive, negative,...) is the actual trigger in your zap.

Create zaps for each workflow you have in your sales process by choosing specific triggers and actions, and combine them to run smarter automations.
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Build flows with awesome webhooks

You may need to go deeper in your automation processes and to build stronger personalized flows between your tools.
If so, we allow you to generate high-precision webhooks for each sales activity in your contacts engagement timeline.

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Stay connected with your tools

Use our partners to empower your sales funnel

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14 days free trial • Easy setup • No credit card required

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