Automated micro & macro-management of your prospects

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Overview with a comprehensive calendar

Each user has an overview of sent and scheduled emails, day by day and hour by hour. Filters allow you to focus on specific users and/or sequences

Track emails & activities

Always keep on eye on your prospects activities (clicks, openings, answers..) and focus on the most interesting ones owing to our email classification IA.

Never miss contact updates

Every contact card is designed around an activity feed to reflect prospects behavior through your sequences, and all past and future emails.

Receive weekly digest and notifications when contacts are back at the office

Out-of-office automatic responses from your prospects are analyzed by our IA that detect the return date and gives you email notifications for smarter followups.

Empower your tools with awesome triggers

We build exclusive triggers for real-time synchronization with your business tools (e.g. when a contact status is updated..)

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