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Find & Engage
your key prospects!

✓ Build targeted prospect lists including professional email addresses 
✓ Send personalized cold email sequences straight from your mailbox
✓ Drip teammates sequences to engage automatically new prospects
✓ Follow-up if they don't reply or convert on your website

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Target & Find new leads
with their email adresses

Turn in one click any social profile into a new contact! Emails generated through machine learning come with a trust grade reflecting their accuracy.

Build & Share
awesome sales sequences!

Combine emails, calls and tasks to build custom sales sequences and take a look at our sales writing assistant guidelines.

Analyze & Optimize
sales sequence efficiency

Datananas delivers statistics based on reply categories and go further with sales team details such as qualification rate or opportunity conversion rate, per sequence and per user.

You're right, we build a strong sales automation platform dedicated to modern sales reps!

Stay organized, make calls and book meetings within smart workflows, your sales and marketing teams are in a safe data environment dedicated to enrich and activate contact lists.

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Our platform let's you activate powerful sales automation features

Easily target your key prospects, engage your future customers in meaningful conversations and analyze results to scale up your lead generation

Find new leads

Research and filters from the most accurate sources and generate lists including professional email addresses and key business information.

Design sequences

Combine different steps for each prospect : emails, tasks and call. Follow-up emails will be sent automatically if prospects don't reply!

Synchronize mailbox

We send emails straights from your professional mailbox to make sure emails look like they were sent manually and optimize deliverability.

Automated reply detection

Artificial Intelligence automatically classifies the message. Automated actions are triggered and virtual assistant suggests you some manual ones.

Trusted by powerful sales and marketing teams

Our sales engament platform helps driving efficient growth based on real sales activities!

We help sales and marketing teams from ambitious companies initiating meaningful conversations with their future customers while reducing the amount of time and money spent on lead acquisition.


More appointments booked each month by our customers


Increased outbound response rates with qualified leads experienced by our users

÷ 3

Prospection budgets divided by three

Stay focused on lead generation

We help modern sales reps teams to identify new prospects and focus on executing quality outreach with one click prospecting features.

Give your team superpowers

Predictable Revenue needs a consistent strategy. Schedule and drip your teammates sequences to generate a continuous flow of conversions.

Duplicate high performing tactis

Combine and experiment different with tasks, e-mails and calls objects. Then tweak the orders and wording to generate more engagement.

Rest on AI & smart filters

Datananas comes with smart filters and actions on e-mails, contacts and sequences objects dedicated to identify and focus on key activity signals.

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Our customers achieved their key business goals while significantly reducing their lead acquisition costs

"Thanks to Datananas, our outbound lead acquisition cost budget was divided by 3!"
Anne-Laure Versaevel
Digital Marketing Manager @Castalie
"We managed to establish conversations with over 60 new qualified leads!"
Mohamed Taya
Head Of Business Development @Sewan
"Within three months, we generated an ROI of 3 using Datananas!"
Matthieu Gibert
Lead Relationship Marketing Manager @Reed Midem
Trusted by powerful sales and marketing teams
and useful for more than 350 corporate accounts!
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