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AZERTY Jobs testimonial

AZERTY Jobs is a job board dedicated to digital businesses and innovations in France belonging to Maddyness.

Vincent Raimbault, CEO of AZERTY Jobs gives his feedbacks on Datananas and how it helped him for his business development.

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What is your sales development strategy?

As we had a good visibility thanks to Maddyness, people came to us pretty quickly and we did not need a lot of commercial effort initially, but as we wanted to expand our business and therefore have other customers, we had to contact recruitment firms, digital agencies, recruiters, ...

The problem was we had no Business Developers at that time, we did not know how to contact our prospects, how to find their contact information, ...

« The biggest benefit that Datananas brought me was a huge time saving. »

Can you tell more about Datananas and how you use it?

Datananas is a very smart and simple software to get the contact information of your prospects. It is really simple to use but with a complex and powerful algorithm in the background.

For example, if I need to contact someone at BlaBlaCar: I just need to go to LinkedIn and search for the HR Manager, but I don't have her phone number and email address.

Datananas works with a Google Chrome add-on. Then I will have the name, company and email address appearing on the software instantly and I will be able to contact her easily.

You can have several employees using the platform, they can exchange contacts or create smart lists to sort our prospects.

What is the biggest benefit of Datananas?

The biggest benefit that Datananas brought me was a huge time saving. If you're clever, you can find recruiters or anyone's email addresses but it is quite complicated: you have to use a lot of softwares to guess the information : it is long and painful.

Datananas does all that just in a second and better because their software enables to check the validity of the emails. It feeds your sales pipeline. That really helped me kickstart my business.