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Acquiring your first customers is hard. A lot of startups are reyling on Inbound leads (which is a great source of leads) but are faced with the following problem : Inbound Marketing is a long term strategy. Most of the startup doing Outbound Sales think of this streategy as a wast of time and money... and they simply don't like to spend their days doing Cold Calling.

The Outbound Sales process of Salesforce, Dropbox or Google

Cold Calling is time-consuming and unpleasant, for you and for your prospects. Cold Calling 2.0 or similar sales processes have by used by Sales Development Representatives in companies such as Salesforce and will enable you to have repeatible and predictible results with your Outbound Sales.

What is Datananas?

Datananas is a SaaS platform that allow you to implement an Outbound Sales process based on Cold Emailing. Thanks to our Chrome addon, you will be able to build targeted lists of B2B prospects from Linkedin or Viadeo. The software will automatically guess the nominative corporate email of each prospect. With a an efficient sales process using our best practises to have a high response rate to your cold emails, you will be able to kickstart your startup!

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