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Start syncing Pipedrive and Datananas two ways!

What If You Could Bulk Sync Your Pipedrive Contacts Two Ways?

By using the Pipedrive integration, you will be able to synchronize your contacts with Datananas, and engage them in sequences.

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Datananas x Pipedrive Native Integration

A simple two-way integration to configure

With the Datananas x Pipedrive integration, synchronize leads straight into your CRM!

In a simple interface, match all or part of your CRM fields with your custom Datananas variables. The dynamic synchronization of the fields can then be done in two ways

Choose bilateral synchronization ...

With each modification, the updates are automatically reflected in both environments.

Or one-way synchronization if you want!

Updates are automated unilaterally by selecting the source software and the destination software.

It is possible to choose a source to prioritize in case of conflict between the field values ​​of both software.

Keep contact ownership updated

Contacts owners and users are matched and synchronized in order to send sequences from Pipedrive and Datananas same owner.

Sales automation examples

- New positive reply in Datananas > New lead in Pipedrive

- New qualified lead in Datananas > New opportunity in Pipedrive

- New customer in Pipedrive > Contact added to Datananas Blacklist

- New contact in Pipedrive > New contact in Datananas

- Contact updated in Pipedrive > Contact updated in Datananas

Ready to change the game with our native integration ?

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