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Datananas x Livestorm

Increase your webinar audience with the Datananas x Livestorm integration. A webinar solution made for lead generation.

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About Zapier x Datananas integration

Livestorm is a webinar tool made for lead generation. It works well with the vast majority of marketing tools and especially with Datananas.

Boost your webinars with Datananas

Add a CTA redirecting to your signup page on Livestorm to your Datananas sequences and increase the number of attendees to your webinars. The Datananas x Livestorm integration will unsubscribe prospects from the sequence as soon as they signup. Livestorm will send reminders to signed up contacts to make sure that they show up on D-Day.

Data enrichment and custom nurturing

Contacts invited through Livestorm are updated with many usefull and strategic pieces of information (area of service, annual revenue, employee range, technologies...). Use this data to build custom nurturing sequences and keep in touch with webinar attendees.

What is Datananas ?

Sales Engagement Platform

Find new leads

Research and filters from the most accurate sources and generate lists including professional email addresses and key business informations.

Design sequences

Combine different steps for each prospect : emails, tasks and call. Follow-up emails will be sent automatically if prospects don't reply!

Synchronize mailbox

We send emails straights from your professional mailbox to make sure emails look like they were sent manually and optimize deliverability.

Automated reply detection

Artificial Intelligence automatically classifies the message. Automated actions are triggered and virtual assistant suggests you some manual one.

Trusted by powerful sales and marketing teams

+1400 other sales tools available thanks to our Zapier integration ...

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