Use your professional inbox to increase deliverability

✓ We smartly supercharge your professional mailbox with scheduling and tracking features

✓ Conversation threads are natively synced between Datananas and your inbox

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Connect your mailbox

Like you do on any other platform

or any server via IMAP / SMTP ...

Turn in one click any social profile into a new contact

✓ Emails generated through machine learning come with a trust grade reflecting their accuracy

✓ Apply your own data completion rules directly from the plugin with contact's custom fields

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Find email adresses

Use this feature without limits or paid quotas!

Clean and enrich your custom databases in a one shot click

✓ Import, merge duplicates and standardizes information in your database

✓ Mass update and mass edit selected records from imported listing view

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Combine emails, calls and tasks to build custom sales sequences

✓ Combine different steps for each sequence and check our sales writing assistant guidelines

✓ Track clicks, openings and replies rates then tweak the orders and wording to A/B Test

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Schedule your teammates drip sequences and assign leads

✓ Set-up the number of contacts who will be engaged each day by each sender

✓ Distribute ownership between users and schedule sequences on behalf of your team

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Send, schedule at scale

Automatically engage new prospects

AI lets you sort your inbox based on reply categories

✓ Qualify or disqualify prospects in one click or use AI build smart actions from your smart inbox

✓ You can also choose other smart triggers to stop sequence such as a form completion

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Open and click rates are not enough for sales

✓ Datananas delivers statistics based on reply categories and go further with sales team details

✓ Your qualification rate allows you to keep track of your email activity and keep doing better

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Automate any workflow

✓ Create new CRM opportunities everytime a contact is qualified in Datananas

✓ Engage contacts in a form completion goal sequence and qualify who filled out forms

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