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Outbound Sales campaigns

Generate B2B Leads with Outbound Sales campaigns

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Target segments of prospects

You will be able to segment very precisely your prospects by company size or job title to adress them a tailor-made message.

Send from your email account

Datananas supports integrations with Gmail and Outlook, allowing you to send outbound sales campaigns from your real email address, and therefore improving deliverability

Automatic follow-ups

Datananas will send follow-ups according to the scenario your predefined until an answer is detected from the prospect.

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Batch delivery

Deliver outbound sales campaign to a large list of leads in batches to generate a continuous flow of replies. Add 10,000 contacts at one and get in touch with 200 new prospects every day.

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Reply detection

Datananas will only send follow-ups to unresponsive prospects. Datananas is able to ignore Out of Office replies and remove only engaged prospects from Outbound campaigns.

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Schedule overview

Sending custom one-to-one emails to prospects at scale can easily get messy. Our schedule overview will give you an exact view on which emails will be sent and when, from which campaigns and steps.

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