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Inbox for salespeople

Outbound emails managed from an AI-powered inbox

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Outbound dedicated inbox

Your inbox will only display replies to your outbound sales campaigns. Your day-to-day inbox won't be polluted.

Focus on positive replies

All answers are automatically classified in your inbox, allowing you to focus on positive replies first.

Fast replies with templates

You can predefine answers related to the automatic classification, to have and efficient workflow managing answers from your outbound sales campaigns.

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Reply classification

We are using Machine Learning to understand the meaning of replies to your Outbound campaigns. Datananas will display separately positive and negative answers and your inbox won't be flooded by Out of Office messages or Bounce notifications. And all of this happens automatically!

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Positive Hi {first_name} Thanks for your answer. Here are few moments I’m available to talk about it : - {availability_1} - {availability_2} - {availability_3} Which one works best for you? Kind regards,

Outbound flow management

Datananas Outbound will suggest you templates related to the automatic classification, allowing you to answer to your prospects very efficiently. We will also suggest you smart actions depending on the content of the email.

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Integrations with all popular email providers :

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