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Measure the effectiveness of your outbound campaigns

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Continuous enhancement

Increase your campaigns and emails efficiency with A/B test, to deliver the best email at the right time.

Find your perfect leads

Refine your Ideal Customer Profile with Datananas and test new ones to keep it at the edge.

Scale your business

Understand why you drive more conversion and engaged leads. Create a scalable prospection channel.

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Emails statistics

Find all your campaigns and emails statistics directly in Datananas, to know in real-time the open rate, click rate, bounce rate, … Plus A/B test your emails and campaigns to boost those rate.

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Schedule overview

Each Sales Development Representative runs his own campaigns, to his own leads, at his own pace. With the schedule overview, see in the same report, all the ongoing campaigns and the amount of leads reached or to be engaged per month, per week and per day.

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