How the startup Pitchy created a B2B Sales Machine with Sellsy and Datananas

Auréa Martinay, Business Developer at Pitchy explains which market Pitchy targets, how her sales team is organized, what is their sales process and how Datananas and Sellsy help them with their sales strategy.

What is this ebook about?

Learn how the startup Pitchy managed to organize its sales processes using Datananas and the CRM Sellsy to create efficient sales workflows.

Auréa Martinay, Business Developer at Pitchy, explains how she automated a large part of their sales processes using cold emailing and Lead Relationship Management strategies.

Cool, but what's really inside?

Here's a short summary of the content of this ebook:

  • What is Pitchy's target market?
  • How Pitchy organized their sales team
  • What is their daily sales process
  • What are the benefits of using Datananas and Sellsy
  • CRM + LRM : Why Sellsy & Datananas are complementary tools