28 Outbound Sales email templates

Prospecting by email requires a rigorous and an accurate methodology. Discover 28 efficient emails templates for prospecting. We have crafted these templates from our own experience and that of our clients. Plus they are fully adaptable for every B2B activity!

What is this ebook about?

You are going to put a first step to the Lead Relationship Management, and discover how to arouse curiosity and to create personalized emails to stand out from the tons of emails in your prospects emails box.

We selected emails templates for each step of the Lead Relationship Management cycle. Exclusively we even share with you our own prospecting emails scenario.

Cool, but what's really inside?

Here's a short summary of the content of this ebook:

  • Development of prospecting techniques
  • Email templates for prospecting
  • Email templates for following up
  • Email templates for referring
  • Email templates for sales nurturing
  • Our own email workflow at Datananas