How to create a B2B Sales Machine

Have you ever asked yourself how to build a B2B Sales Machine? Learn the best practises from top companies such as Salesforce, Dropbox or Hubspot on how to get customers in B2B.

What is this ebook about?

You will learn different ways to find new B2B customers from Inbound Marketing and Outbound Sales strategies. We will then focus more on Outbound Sales by detailling the best practises.

You will know all the basics about putting in place an effective Outbound Sales process in order to generate leads, and grow your customer base.

When you will finish this ebook, you will be familiar with the following notions: Ideal Customer Profile, Outbound Sales, Inbound Marketing, Qualification Call, Closer Call, ...

Cool, but what's really inside?

Here's a short summary of the content of this ebook:

  • Inbound vs Outbound : What is the best sales strategy?
  • Inbound Marketing : 8 basics to generate content
  • What Outbound Sales strategy should you between Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, Social Selling, ...
  • Should you avoid Cold Calling?
  • How to structure a killer sales process
  • Find your Ideal Customer Profile
  • How to find new prospects
  • 7 advices for an effective Outbound Sales campaign
  • Call 101 : From qualification call to closer call