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About Datananas

Datananas helps marketing and sales teams from ambitious companies initiating meaningful conversations with their future customers.

Our customers improve the number of scheduled appointments by an average of 38% while significantly reducing the amount of time and money spent on lead acquisition.

Gather key informations about targeted potential customers and turn contacts into qualified prospects. Engage your prospects in highly personalized sales sequences including email follow-ups, calls and various tasks.

Email replies are automatically sorted by an AI to help you focus on qualified leads.
Every prospect matching your standards is then synced to your CRM to keep your lead queue stacked and up to date.


We are young, experienced and ready to conquer the world, one user at a time


In a matter of months, our new version gathered a large base of satisfied customers


Powered by a team of dedicated designers and developers striving for great UX / UI details


More appointments set each month by our customers


Increased outbound response rates with qualified leads experienced by our users

÷ 3

Prospection budgets divided by three

Trusted by powerful sales and marketing teams
and useful for more than 350 corporate accounts!

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Our customers achieved their key business goals while significantly reducing their lead acquisition costs

"Thanks to Datananas, our outbound lead acquisition cost budget was divided by 3!"
Anne-Laure Versaevel
Digital Marketing Manager @Castalie
"We managed to establish conversations with over 60 new qualified leads!"
Mohamed Taya
Head Of Business Development @Sewan
"Within three months, we generated an ROI of 3 using Datananas!"
Matthieu Gibert
Lead Relationship Marketing Manager @Reed Midem
Trusted by powerful sales and marketing teams
and useful for more than 350 corporate accounts!
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